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Pint of Science BudapestTuesday 10th of May
Hoff House
Budapest, Nagymező u. 40, 1065
Tuesday 10th of May 2022
Doors open at 7:00 pm
Event from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Speakers program

Elisabeth Kaul

Bachelor student in international business economics

Don't leave your butt behind: How to reduce the impact of cigarettes on the environment?

Rouler une cigarette

We all know how much damage tobacco does to our health, but the truth is that there are not many studies regarding its effects on the environment. We will explore a range of alternatives and feasible solutions to replace the actual composition of conventional cigarettes, and strategies to educate the smokers' population about the importance of reutilizing the leftovers from cigarettes. In this way, changing actual practices and reducing pollution would contribute to a more sustainable world, from which all would benefit.


Samantha Quijas

Master student in international relations

Leave alone the Patricks!

Voiture de police

Once upon a time in a town called Beer a peculiar government plan was executed. The government and law enforcers named it the “Patrick’s plan”, aiming to reduce the traffic accidents in town. They were convinced that Beer’s safety and peace was being threatened by all the people named Patrick, so vehicles driven by Patricks should stick an enormous “P” sign on their cars, without any actual justification. Day by day police checking on all Patrick’s sobriety and ID’s became part of their lives, even if they were never involved in any accident. Objections towards the “Patrick’s plan” began to appear.  The “Patrick’s plan” was just the origin on what now is called as “Ethnic Profiling”, a silent police tool of discrimination which is prohibited by law in Beer and in other countries that today are looking to promote society’s equality and inclusion.


Pr. Tibor Bartha

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

How thyroid hormones are activated?


Thyroid hormones are actived by removing an iodine atom from the hormone molecule. This presentation shows the steps to find out the mechanism how the iodine is removed. Is selenium involved in the process? Can we find the answer in a molecular biology laboratory? How can we explain contradictory data? What can we do on the level of examining genes? This is the short version of the story spending two years in a Harvard laboratory.


Pr. Tibor Zelles

Doctor in Human Medicine

Hearing, hearing losses and the immune system

Adaptation des appareils auditifs

Over 430 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss. It is estimated that this number will increase to over 700 million by 2050. Age-dependent hearing loss, toxic medicines or the unsafe listening practices of young adults are well known examples of the problem.

Activation of immunity and abolishment of tolerance against tumor cells is an efficient way of antitumor therapy.

What connects the two issues above? Well, it has turned out that the immune system contributes to the equilibrium of the inner ear, but also participates in hearing losses. I will talk about the beauty of the cochlea (hearing organ), its diseases and about the possibility of treating these diseases through immune modulation.

Posters program
Médecins regardant Rays X-

Floriane Louboutin

Engineer in Neurosciences

Potassium channel (Kv2.1) in hippocampal neurons


Noemi Vadaszy

PhD student in Kinesiology

Role of muscular system in health and disease

Les coraux sous la mer

Hugo Ducret

PhD student in Marine biology & Ecology

HOLOMICS : a holistic assessment of the coral holobiont’s responses to shading


Dr Gergely Jocsak

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

Endocrine Disruptor effects on nerve cells

Aide auditive-

Dr Eszter Berekméri

Doctor in Biology

Hearing and Sensorineural hearing loss

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