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Pint of Science Budapest - Wednesday 11th of May
Hoff House
Budapest, Nagymező u. 40, 1065
Wednesday 11th of May 2022
Doors open at 7:00 pm
Event from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Speakers program

Pr. Tóth István

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

On which side of your hypothalamus are you on?


Sketch cerveau

Humans are either left-handed or right-handed (or ambidextrous, but let's not complicate things). As you already know, handedness is due to the lateralized functioning of the brain hemispheres. But our brain is far more complicated than this: besides the cerebral hemispheres, there are other brain parts with other functions. In the presentation, I'll show a new approach to understanding the hypothalamic functions related to metabolic and reproductive health.


Zsófia Hidvégi

PhD student in Linguistic

Can we or should we save a dying language? Linguistic revitalization on the Ryukyu Islands, Japan

Jardin japonais

How many languages are used in Japan? Usually, we tend to think about the country as a homogenous nation with a homogenous language. However, there are many smaller indigenous communities, who have their own distinguished culture and language variety. Unfortunately, because of the Japanese assimilation policy from the XIX. century, these unique and diverse cultures became endangered and generations grew up without learning about the language, customs and knowledge of their ancestors.

In the last 10-20 years however, these indigenous communities started to reclaim their culture, and revive their traditional ways of life. But is it possible to revitalize a language, and if so how can we protect these languages?


Dr. Csilla Simon

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

How can we give pure happiness? A typical day in the life of a small animal surgeon at a clinic.

Vétérinaire avec chien

Almost every children think once at least in their life, that they want to be a veterinarian. And some of them reach the goal. In my presentation I try to give a view about our small animal surgeon life: the new wave diagnostic and treatment possibilities, and some of my cases. These patients get wound heal treatment or surgical procedures. I want my audience to see how much work it costs till we can give a family member to its bipeds.


Pr. Christos Chinopoulos

Doctor in Human Medicine

Cancer, the Nazis, and your waistline


Dessin d'anatomie

We’ve all heard that cancer is the uncontrolled proliferation of tissue due to changes in our genes, often leading to loss of life ; but are you also aware that cancer exhibits very different metabolic properties, and that these are largely responsible for growth and metastasis ? this was pointed out by Otto Warburg before and during WWII, a German-Jew (thus, a Halbjude) scientist who -not a Nazi himself- was adored by Hitler and his regime. Unfortunately, this “earned” him the position of public dismissal and ostracism after the war, orchestrated by his rival, Sydney Weinhouse, an elected member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. After more than 6 decades, the altered metabolic properties of cancer are realized as the Achilles heel, a means for chemotherapeutic manipulation. And how to address this, apart of course from pharmacological interventions targeting the tumor’s enzymes? Your diet!

Posters program
Médecins regardant Rays X-

Floriane Louboutin

Engineer in Neurosciences

Potassium channel (Kv2.1) in hippocampal neurons


Noemi Vadaszy

PhD student in Kinesiology

Role of muscular system in health and disease

Les coraux sous la mer

Hugo Ducret

PhD student in Marine biology & Ecology

HOLOMICS : a holistic assessment of the coral holobiont’s responses to shading


Dr Gergely Jocsak

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

Endocrine Disruptor effects on nerve cells

Aide auditive-

Dr Eszter Berekméri

Doctor in Biology

Hearing and Sensorineural hearing loss

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