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Hungary co director

I was an attendee in the first Pint of Science in Hungary in 2022 and its friendly and inspiring atmosphere completely captivated me. I am a (neuro)biologist but always was interested in other science and art fields. So let's talk freely  over a beer about anything!

Hungary co director

I’m working on figuring out how our social brain works. As a histologist I was able to see our beautiful brain under a microscope which still amazes me to this day. I thought that everybody should see this and how amazing neuroscience and other sciences are. Pint of science is a wonderful opportunity to do just that. So there was no question that I wanted to join!

Event manager

I am currently studying Veterinary Medicine in Budapest. When I first heard about Pint of Science from my friend Floriane, I became so enthusiastic about the idea of sharing scientific knowledge in such a friendly way. I am very grateful that she suggested to organize it together for the first time in Hungary. I am looking forward to this amazing experience !

Sponsor manager

Since long I have been interested in science and communication, that’s why I was interested in joining Pint of Science for the 2023 edition hosted in Hungary.  I am currently doing my PhD in Biology at MATE (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences) where I work in the field of plant genetics and virology. I believe that Pint of Science is a good opportunity to let more people know about what we do as researchers and to interact with people that are outside the field of applied sciences. I believe that through Pint of Science we are able to pursue our dream of sharing knowledge with other people and make science more accessible to the public.

Social media manager

I first came across Pint of Science in 2019 in Nottingham, UK. When I heard that my home country was joining in this brilliant festival, I couldn’t wait to offer my help!  I firmly believe that science is for the people therefore it has to get to the people (quote from Hevesi Krsztina). 

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Health in Leicester, UK. I can’t wait to bring Pint of Science to Budapest and share some great research.

Event manager

As a biologist who is interested in bringing science to the public, I believe that creating a conversation between scientists and communities is essential and inspiring for both alike. And I found Pint of Science Hungary last year to be a great opportunity for this communication, with a friendly atmosphere, energizing and fun discussions and a beer in hand. That’s why I volunteered this year to help organize the festival. I am excited to meet our speakers and audience for 2023 and to share the beauty of science and knowledge with everyone, all of course while having a fun time.

Event manager

I attended the event of Pint of Science in 2022 and it was a great experience! 
As a filmmaking student I am outside the field of applied sciences, but I like to keep myself updated and extend my knowledge in this field, and P
int of Science was one genius way to do so! 
I believe in the importance of delivering science to the public in a simplified way, that’s why I am extremely excited to be a volunteer in P
int of Science 2023, and even more exited about the great discussions coming during the event. :D

Zsuzsanna NERADA
Event manager

I've participated in Pint of Science events in Cambridge (UK) and was amazed by the great talks, the variability of the topics and the community. When I saw that the first Pint of Science was happening in  Budapest in 2022, it wasn't a question if I am going. There - apart from the outstanding talks - I met welcoming, open minded, knowledge thirsty people at the event and have decided to help them next year in organising, and here I am! I'm sure everyone will find their favourite talk every year.

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