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PINT OF SCIENCE Budapest - English day- Wednesday, 15th of May 2024
Hoff House
1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 40.
Wednesday, 15th of May 2024
Opening: 18:30
The event begins at 19:00 and ends at 22:00
Speakers program

The birth of a newborn is the miracle of nature. However, sometimes there are obstacles even at the start point, which make the fertilization difficult or impossible. But fortunately, we have tool in our hand to solve this problem. Assisted reproductive techniques are integral part of the human healthcare since the 80s - just think about the in vitro fertilization ("test tube babies"). Such methods are also used in the animal breeding, making the embryo trade of livestock possible and reliable. Furthermore, the method can be useful in the conservation of endangered species or animals with high genetic value. In my presentation I'm going to summarize the basics and impact of these techniques on animal breeding. Furthermore, I'm going to give an insight of prospective methods, which can be applied in the future.


Somoskői Bence, PhD
reproductive biologist


Mosquito is the deadliest animal on the planet. Not by itself, but because it can transmit life-threatening diseases to humans such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, ZIKA, chikungunya… The usual way to control the mosquito population is to spray with pesticides; however mosquito populations are becoming more and more resistant to these molecules, and pesticides have well-documented adverse effects on human health, wildlife and the environment. Researchers have been advocating for decades to develop more sustainable control methods, based on the understanding of the ecology of the mosquito. One promising strategy is the use of the sterile insect technique, but to be used efficiently, this strategy requires a deep understanding of the courting and mating interactions between the male and female mosquito. During the mating sequence, mosquitoes communicate using sounds. The male actually modify its flying sound in order to match that of the female! This phenomenon likely affects how the female chooses her partner, and if this in turn affect her offspring. A better understanding of mosquito ecology will allow us to change the paradigm in mosquito control, from the exclusive use of short-term lethal pesticides to the integration of the mosquito in its ecosystem, and the use of its ecology to prevent disease transmission.

Photo Julie Augustin.jpg

Julie Augustin, PhD

LOVER'S ROCK - Acoustic mating ecology of a vector mosquito

The discovery of cosmic expansion puzzled geniuses like Einstein and Hubble. This mystery has been deepened by the recent discovery that the expansion is accelerating. Current astronomers try to explain this phenomenon by introducing the enigmatic "dark energy". I will explain how in my PhD thesis we are trying to reveal properties of dark energy by using the largest clusters of matter, but also the largest cosmic empty spaces, and their interaction with the oldest radiation in the universe. Our research group has delivered evidence that such interactions might even explain an important cosmic anomaly, the huge Cold Spot. I will also show how we are looking if galaxies close to clusters and voids might carry hidden information about these large structures and I will present how some astrophysical theories are trying to explain expansion without dark energy.


Nestor Arsenov

COSMIC FUSS OVER NOTHING - Using the voids of the universe and the oldest radiation to explain cosmic expansion

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